Average Speed Cameras in Birmingham: Changes on the Horizon

If you've been zipping around the city and noticed those average speed cameras keeping an eye on your speed, here's some news you might want to know about. Birmingham City Council is considering making changes to the existing average speed camera locations, which could mean some cameras being removed from certain areas.

The Situation at Hand

Let's break it down – thousands of drivers have been caught speeding by average speed cameras over the past few years in Birmingham. Now, the council is looking into how they can manage these cameras more effectively, especially in light of financial concerns.

Prioritising Safety

One of the main reasons behind this potential change is to prioritise roads where reckless driving is a bigger problem. By removing cameras from some locations and installing them in areas with higher speeding issues, the council aims to make the roads safer for everyone.

Financial Considerations

Money matters, and with the current financial challenges faced by Birmingham City Council, they need to be cautious about spending. They want to understand the costs involved in operating and maintaining these cameras before making any decisions about new installations.

Proposed Changes

It's been suggested that some existing average speed cameras may be taken down to make room for new ones in areas where speeding is a more pressing issue. Currently, the cameras on A38 Bristol Road and A456 Hagley Road catch a significant number of speeding drivers.

Council's Statement

The council recently addressed the issue with the West Midlands Combined Authority, highlighting the need for a clear business case and criteria to justify and prioritise camera locations based on road safety benefits. This strategic approach aims to make the most out of available resources.

Clarification on Support

While there have been accusations that the council is withdrawing support for the region-wide average speed camera project, council bosses clarify that they are still committed to expanding the camera infrastructure in partnership with the police. However, they need a viable business case and precise cost details before moving forward.

As discussions continue about the future of average speed cameras in Birmingham, keep an eye out for updates on average speed cameras, and remember to drive safely – not just for the cameras, but for the well-being of everyone sharing the road with you.