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Birmingham's Strange and Supernatural: Unravelling the City's Bizarre Tales

Birmingham's Strange and Supernatural

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Birmingham, where the ordinary takes a backseat and the extraordinary grabs the headlines. From haunted phone boxes to encounters with lemon-headed aliens, let's dive into some of the quirkiest stories that have graced the streets of Birmingham over the years.

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Haunted Phone Boxes and Alien Encounters

Imagine waiting to make a phone call in Erdington back in the 1970s, only to find yourself face to face with a mysterious woman inside a red phone box. That's precisely what happened in Station Road, Erdington, where reports of supernatural activity centred around a haunted phone box became the talk of the town. Witnesses claimed to have seen a woman aged 25 to 30 in a red jumper speaking on the phone, yet upon investigation, the box was found empty. This incident sparked intrigue and speculation about the supernatural forces at play.

Meanwhile, in Burntwood, two boys witnessed a massive UFO hovering over a field one fateful night in 1995. The craft appeared suddenly after a blinding flash of light, leaving the boys terrified and running to seek refuge at a local police station. Their description of a UFO and a being with a 'lemon-like head' added fuel to the ongoing fascination with extra-terrestrial encounters.

Mysteries of Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase, with its sprawling wilderness and ancient woodlands, has long been a hub of mystery and intrigue. Stories of 'Pig men' roaming the woods and sightings of 'Black Eyed Children' lurking in the shadows have captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike. The allure of Cannock Chase lies not only in its natural beauty but also in the strange and unexplained phenomena reported by those who dare to venture into its depths.

Gypsy Curses and Elephant Burials

The Blues ground has its own share of legends and superstitions, including tales of a supposed 'Gypsy curse' that has haunted St. Andrew's stadium. Efforts to lift the curse have involved various rituals and ceremonies over the years, adding an air of mystery to the sporting arena. Another curious tale involves the discovery of an elephant buried under a supermarket car park in Coleshill. While not as famous as 'A King in a car park' in Leicester, this story highlights the unexpected discoveries that can be found beneath the surface of everyday life.

Encounters with the Unknown

Birmingham has seen its fair share of encounters with the unknown, ranging from alleged 'alien visitations' to sightings of big cats roaming the Midlands countryside. In Selly Oak, a mother reported an unusual incident where her three-year-old son claimed to have seen a 'spaceman' in his bedroom. The boy's repeated mention of the word 'spaceman' and his reaction to a picture of a classic alien figure sparked speculation about possible visitations from extra-terrestrial beings.

Other intriguing reports include sightings of a bloodsucking 'Birmingham Vampire' and ghostly apparitions such as the 'Black Eyed Child' of Cannock Chase. These stories blur the lines between fact and fiction, leaving many intrigued by the mysteries that lie beyond our understanding.

Madcap Inventors and Flying Machines

Birmingham's history is dotted with eccentric characters and inventors who pushed the boundaries of imagination. Mad Jack Mytton, known for his excessive lifestyle and bizarre antics, once rode a bear through his dining room and set himself alight to cure hiccups. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft, on the other hand, tested his flying machine by throwing butlers off the roof of Tettenhall Towers, with mixed results. These tales of eccentricity and innovation add a touch of whimsy to Birmingham's historical narrative.

Lady Godiva and King Kong Dreams

The city is also steeped in folklore and historical legends, such as the famous tale of Lady Godiva's naked ride through Coventry as a protest against oppressive taxes. The proposed idea of erecting a 20-feet high statue of King Kong in Manzoni Gardens in 1972, although never materialised, reflects the city's playful imagination and aspirations for larger-than-life attractions.

The Quest for Lost Spitfires

Aviation enthusiasts and historians have been captivated by the quest to uncover lost Spitfires buried in Burma. The search, initiated in 2012, aimed to recover iconic planes that were believed to have been crated up and buried at the site of a former RAF base. While the hunt continues, it serves as a reminder of Birmingham's deep connections to aviation history and the allure of discovering hidden treasures.

In Conclusion

Birmingham's more bizarre tales remind us that behind the bustling streets and modern developments lies a city steeped in folklore, mystery, and the unexplained. Whether you believe in ghosts, aliens, or eccentric inventors, one thing is for sure – this city has a knack for keeping us intrigued and entertained with its eclectic tapestry of tales from the weird and wonderful. So next time you walk down Birmingham's streets, keep an eye out for the unexpected – you never know what strange encounter or curious discovery awaits around the corner.