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How to Spend a Romantic Day in Birmingham This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're in Birmingham, you're in luck because there are plenty of romantic things to do with your special someone. 

Romantic Stroll

Why not kick off your Valentine's Day with a romantic stroll? Birmingham boasts beautiful parks and city walks perfect for reconnecting with your partner away from screens and distractions. It's a simple yet meaningful way to spend quality time together.

  • Cannon Hill Park: This park is one of Birmingham's most popular green spaces, featuring picturesque lakes, gardens, and walking trails. It's an ideal spot for a romantic stroll surrounded by nature.

  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Explore stunning botanical displays, glasshouses, and themed gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. It's a tranquil oasis within the city, perfect for a peaceful walk with your loved one.

  • Lickey Hills Country Park: Located just outside Birmingham, offers panoramic views, woodlands, and open spaces for scenic walks. It's a great escape from the city bustle for a romantic day out.

  • Sutton Park: As one of Europe's largest urban parks, Sutton Park boasts vast heathlands, woodlands, and lakeside paths. You can enjoy long walks, wildlife spotting, and serene moments together.

  • Birmingham City Centre Walks: Explore the city's historic streets, squares, and landmarks on foot. From the canalised paths to charming neighbourhoods like the Jewellery Quarter, there's plenty to discover while reconnecting with your partner.

Pup-Up Cafe for Dog Lovers

If your furry friend is an essential part of your love story, head to the Pup-Up Cafe for a delightful Valentine's Day experience. Your pup can mingle with others while you enjoy capturing adorable moments together.

Swanky Meal at a Top Restaurant

Birmingham is renowned for its culinary scene, offering a range of restaurants from Michelin-starred establishments to cosy eateries. Treat your taste buds and your partner to a memorable dining experience this Valentine's Day.

Romantic Tour of Birmingham

Discover the city's romantic spots and historical landmarks with a guided tour tailored for couples. It's a fantastic way to learn about Birmingham's rich history while creating new memories together.

Canal Adventures

Explore Birmingham's extensive canal network with activities like kayaking, canal cruises, or even self-driving boat tours. It's a unique way to enjoy the city's waterways and add an adventurous twist to your Valentine's Day.

Artistic Painting Class

Tap into your creative side with a painting class. Sip on wine, recreate masterpieces like Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss," and enjoy a fun and artistic date night experience.

Candlelight Concerts

Immerse yourselves in the magic of a candlelight concert featuring romantic melodies and timeless love songs. It's a mesmerising experience that's sure to ignite your passion on Valentine's Day.

Bake-Off Challenge

Challenge other couples in a baking competition and showcase your culinary skills. It's a playful and interactive way to bond with your partner while creating delicious treats.

Overnight Stay at a Romantic Hotel

Escape the routine and enjoy a luxurious stay at one of Birmingham's romantic hotels. Indulge in pampering spa treatments, exquisite dining, and intimate moments away from home.

Explore Winterbourne House and Gardens

Discover the beauty of Winterbourne House and Gardens, a picturesque setting perfect for a romantic outing. Explore the gardens, enjoy peaceful walks, and immerse yourselves in the serene atmosphere.

Cinema Date

Catch a movie at one of Birmingham's charming independent cinemas. It's a classic yet enjoyable way to spend quality time together and share cinematic experiences.

Relaxing Spa Day

End your Valentine's Day on a relaxing note with a spa day for two. Unwind, rejuvenate, and enjoy blissful moments of tranquillity together.


Valentine's Day in Birmingham offers a plethora of romantic experiences, from outdoor adventures to culinary delights and cultural explorations. Happy Valentine's Day!