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Oxford English Dictionary's Newest Additions

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has just realised its latest quarterly update, and we’ve got everything from cultural buzzwords to tech-savvy jargon. OED updates reflects the evolving nature of the English language. These updates may include new words, revisions to existing ones, and additional historical information.  

Table of Contents

Wokery: Beyond the Kitchen

First on our list is "Wokery" and its close companion, "Wokeism." These terms have made their debut in the OED, offering a linguistic lens into discussions surrounding progressive or leftwing attitudes and practices. The words, often used disparagingly, illuminate the ongoing discourse around social justice and discrimination.

Interestingly, "wokery" takes on a culinary twist, also referring to a kitchen or food counter that specializes in dishes cooked in a wok. A word with a dual identity, mirroring the complexity of the conversations it encapsulates.

Safe Word: Intimacy in Language

Adding a touch of intimacy to the lexicon, the OED has welcomed "safe word" into its pages. This term, refers to a word or phrase mutually chosen by individuals engaged in sexual activity, particularly in BDSM role play. Acting as a signal to either pause or stop, "safe word" introduces an element of consensual communication.

Tech Talk: Screen-Shares and AI Wonders

Tech enthusiasts, buckle up! "Screen-share" has officially joined the dictionary, capturing the essence of collaborative digital experiences. In an era dominated by virtual meetings and remote collaboration, this term resonates more than ever, embodying the spirit of shared screens and collaborative work.

Additionally, "Generative artificial intelligence” acknowledges the remarkable capabilities of AI to produce creative and original content. But wait, there's more in the tech lexicon. Enter "talkboard," finding its home in the vast universe of online forums and chat rooms. It's the space where ideas are exchanged, debates unfold, and the digital chatter comes to life, reminding us of the dynamic nature of our interconnected conversations.

Forever Chemicals and Literary Flair

Shifting our focus to environmental concerns, the OED introduces us to "forever chemical" and its counterpart, "PFAS." These terms shed light on synthetic compounds that resist breaking down, often present in everyday items like non-stick cookware. A reminder of the persistent environmental challenges we face and the necessity for conscious consumption.

For the literature lovers among us, the OED offers "Gradgrindian," a term describing something as hard, cold, and solely focused on facts. Drawing inspiration from Dickens's "Hard Times," this addition enriches our vocabulary with literary flair. And let's not overlook "Chekhov's gun," a timeless literary principle emphasising the avoidance of unnecessary story elements, contributing to the art of storytelling.

Mansplaining Evolution: -Splain and -Splaining Take the Stage

Building on the foundation of "mansplaining," the OED introduces the suffixes "-splain" and "-splaining." This linguistic evolution opens the door to various options, from "straightsplaining" to "mumsplaining" and "Biblesplain." It reflects the diverse ways explanations unfold in various contexts.

A Glimpse into the Lexicon's Future

The OED continues to be our guide in this lexical adventure, expanding our vocabulary with each passing update. From the intriguing "taliswoman" to the personalised "Stephanian" and the curious "hypnic jerk," each addition reflects the ever-evolving nature of our communication. Whatever you're exploring, the OED reflects the essence of our culture with precision and depth.